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Printed Barcodes and Labels

All companies need printed barcodes and labels, and the main question that needs to be addressed is whether to make them yourself or to outsource the work to a label factory. This depends on the size of your company and your willingness to invest in barcode equipment, such as a printer and the software you will need to make printed barcodes and labels. Larger companies may opt to outsource this work, but a small company might also decide that it is cheaper to outsource the work than to pay personnel. However, technology has made making printed barcodes and labels much easier, and it is possible to produce them quickly and cheaply from your own equipment.

When choosing a printer to make your printed barcodes and labels, it is useful to keep in mind that laser printers give better quality than inkjet. Although inkjet printers are usually cheaper, in the long run, you may save a lot of money for quality, since many retailers penalize manufacturers for printed barcodes and labels that are difficult to read. Your software for making printed barcodes and labels is probably compatible with Microsoft Word and usually produces 8 rows of 4 barcodes. The codes are printed on an adhesive sheet, and labels can be torn off easily as they are needed.

For those who prefer to outsource their printed barcodes and labels, the minimum is usually around 500, so it is a good idea to make sure that you have enough merchandise to justify outsourcing your printed barcodes and labels. Thermal transfer labels are printed in rolls, are white and have a permanent adhesive. The direct thermal labels do not need ribbons, and an even more advanced solution is to use laser labels that do not need to be stuck on the products. The choice of which printed barcodes and labels to order is yours, but decide carefully, since you will be receiving a mass-produced product.