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Online Geometry Resources: Learn All About Shapes, Angles, Symmetry and more!

Look around you. Everything you see is geometry-the symmetry of leaves, the spirals of a sunflower, the shape of your kitchen table, the funnel that your dad uses to put gas in the lawn mower, to the making of characters in your video games. Without shapes, you'd have no chair to sit on after a long day playing outside, no pool to splash in during hot summer days, no cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets to munch on. Geometrical shapes are part of who we are and how we live. Tilt your head back and look in the mirror. Did you know that your nostrils are basically cone-shaped? What if they were shaped like a square? What would your nose look like? Could you breathe? The world we live in is three-dimensional; that is, we live in a plane (not on a plane) and that plane moves about in space (not outer space). Because we live in three dimensions, we can breathe. One dimension is a line. Two dimensions are flat. You can't breathe if you're a line or if you're flat, can you? See how important geometry is to your life?

Check out the geometry resources below to learn more! And to practice all the new things you've learned!

Plane Geometry

The study of geometric shapes and lines that lie in one plane. This would also be known as the study of geometric figures in two-dimensions.







Solid Geometry

The study of geometric shapes, surfaces and figures operating in three-dimensions.


Surface Area



More Resources