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Online Geometry Resources: Learn All About Shapes, Angles, Symmetry and more!

Online Geometry Resources

Look around you. Everything you see is geometry-the symmetry of leaves, the spirals of a sunflower, the shape of your kitchen table, the funnel that your dad uses to put gas in the lawn mower, to the making of characters in your video games. Without shapes, you’d have no chair to sit on after a long day playing outside, no pool to splash in during hot summer days, no cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets to munch on. Geometrical shapes are part of who we are and how we live. Tilt your head back and look in the mirror. Did you know that your nostrils are basically cone-shaped? What if they were shaped like a square? What would your nose look like? Could you breathe? The world we live in is three-dimensional; that is, we live in a plane (not on a plane) and that plane moves about in space (not outer space). Because we live in three dimensions, we can breathe. One dimension is a line. Two dimensions are flat. You can’t breathe if you’re a line or if you’re flat, can you? See how important geometry is to your life?

Check out the geometry resources below to learn more! And to practice all the new things you’ve learned!

Plane Geometry

The study of geometric shapes and lines that lie in one plane. This would also be known as the study of geometric figures in two-dimensions.


  • Basic Shapes: Review your basic geometry shapes: polygons, triangles and quadrilaterals.
  • Polygon Playground: Drag lines to make your own polygons. See pictures and definition of a polygon.
  • Drawing Circles: Follow the easy steps to draw a circle. Includes definitions of circle, radius, diameter and plane.
  • The History of Pi: Pi is approximately 3.1416. It’s the little number with a very long history!
  • Triangles in Life: Build a bridge using triangles in this animated problem solver.


  • Area Calculation Tool: Use the formulas and the calculators to find the area of eight common shapes.
  • Area of a Circle: See how the area of a circle changes as the radius of the circle increases.
  • Triangle Explorer: Use the grid to find the square units of a triangle.
  • Funbrain Area Game: Find the correct area of each shape and get a piece of a puzzle. Get all correct, get all pieces of a cool archeological puzzle!
  • Area Practice: See the shape and its measurements, calculate the area and check yourself.


  • Alphabet Geometry: Learn all about acute, obtuse, right and vertical angles by taking a look at different letters of the alphabet.
  • What’s My Angle?: How to use a protractor to find the correct angle.
  • Alien Angles Video Game: Set the correct angle to launch your rescue mission and save the aliens.
  • Gorilla: Find the right angle to throw your bananas at the gorilla.
  • Angle Game: Squirt the dog with water by figuring out the correct angle.




  • Types of Lines: Learn about points, line segments, rays, and angles made from different types of lines.
  • Intersecting Lines: Play baseball geometry to discover the fun of intersecting lines.
  • Line Quiz: Test your knowledge of parallel and intersecting lines.
  • Line Pairs: Get the low-down on pairs of lines, including examples and a line workout.
  • Basic Line Terms: Learn how to define lines, points, rays, and segments.

Solid Geometry

The study of geometric shapes, surfaces and figures operating in three-dimensions.


  • 3-D Shapes: Click on the 3-D category to learn more about what 3-D shapes are.
  • Cubes: Check out dice, a cube model and a cool, cube net game.
  • Tutorial: Explains various properties of 3-D shapes.
  • Definitions: Three-dimensional shapes defined. Review and then test yourself.
  • Shapes: Scroll down to identify cube, sphere, cylinder, cones and prisms.

Surface Area


  • Area and Volume of Solids: Discover how to calculate each by using specific formulas, then take the quiz to test your learning.
  • Volume Calculator: After you’ve learned how to calculate the volume of solids using your formulas, try it with a volume calculator.
  • Solids: Find the volume of a solid using a bit more complex calculations.
  • Cubes: Find the volume of each shape in cubic centimeters on this worksheet.
  • Geometric Equations and Formulas; Use the calculator to find the volume of common solids.


  • Faces, Edges, Vertices: Learn what each is and practice with the shapes at the bottom
  • 3-D Shapes: Explore different shapes and learn how many vertices, edges and faces each has.
  • Sides, Vertices, Edges & Faces: Take this quiz to test your knowledge of each shape.
  • Quiz: Answer basic questions about faces, edges and vertices.
  • Shape Quiz: What am I? Identify solids by face, vertices and edges.

More Resources

  • Geometry Games: Practice your skills with a bunch of games and activities to chose from.
  • 3D Shapes: Match the word with the shape.
  • The Banana Game: Find the bananas by moving the monkey line to the angle location.
  • Geometry Vocabulary: Use this page to make sure you know all about the different vocabulary words of geometry.
  • Hangman: Play hangman with geometry words.
  • Explode the Shape: Guess how many cubes make up the shape by twirling it around and exploding it.
  • Practice Geometry Test: Experience a fun, practice geometry test that will let you time yourself.
  • Word Find: Search for geometric terms in the word search.
  • Kids Geometry Games: Take a look at these different games to learn more about the world of geometry.
  • Spirograph: Design your own spirograph using slide bars.
  • Match Game: Match the 3D solid shapes like any other match game.
  • Geometry Jeopardy: Play geometry jeopardy with this PowerPoint game.