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Year end summary, New Years Predictions...

I have to apologize for the delay in updating the blog here, but where our normal November and December volumes were predicted to be about 60% of the normal year's month, we were 10% over the normal month! Good news for the company, but the increase in volume coupled with us taking on a few more programming projects than normal led to dropping the ball on the blog. The overall business was up over 40% again this year..... and helping you took precedence to updating the blog. I'm sorry.

We're really excited about the coming months. With more new products coming into the pipe, we're looking forward to informing you of them here first....before our web site is updated.

We've concluded that RFID, although an up-and-coming technology, won't be a force in the AutoID business this year. We're looking for the further acceptance of barcode solutions. This prediction is supported by the major manufacturer's in the barcode scanning market continuing to release new and more economical products...especially in the Mobile Computer arena. Keep your eyes peeled here for a first hand review of the MC1000 and MC70 from Symbol. You'll be impressed.

We'll continue to keep you posted about what's going on in the RFID world, but we won't be offering equipment until at least Q3 of this year. More on that later.

Finally, for all our readers, we sincerely hope you had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!