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Symbol MC1000

Symbol MC1000

We've been working with the Symbol MC1000 for a couple of months, and its really impressive. Basically, its a scaled-down version of the more expensive Windows Mobile devices, but it costs less than half as much. If you're looking for a batch mobile computer with a barcode scanner, take a look at the Symbol MC1000.

We got to working with it when a client called us with a "special" application. He needs to do an inventory using portable barcode scanners that validates the item or UPC when you scan it, and the barcode scanner needs to validation lookup in 500k records in less than .2 seconds. We did an application like this a year or so ago, so we knew that a .NET device could handle it. The rub was that his budget per barcode scanner was around $700.00

With its SD slot, the Symbol MC1000 could store the validation file, and after getting one in, our developers found that there was basically no difference in performance in the MC1000 versus other portable barcode scanners costing hundreds more! The compromises were the monochrome screen that was non-touch (like a SmartPhone Screen). Gave us some fits in the development as we're used to working with the touch, but the bottom line is that we met the customer's requirements.

Take a look at our site for the product information:
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And don't forget, if you have a barcode scanner application need, our professional developers here will be glad to give you a quote.