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Content Idea of Asia Co. has developed a printable 3 dimensional barcode that stores between a half meg and 2 meg of data. The new barcode symbology was developed to transfer data to mobile phones in the form of short video commercials.

3-Dimensional Barcode

The 3D code is based on the 2D QR Code (photo). (See an explanation on Wikipedia). Content Idea of Asia Co. calls it a "PM Code". The new barcode consists of up to 24 layers using different colors. Using this format in print media would allow the user to scan a barcode in a magazine, and watch a commercial for the advertized product.

Content Idea will distribute the software for free, and the first 3-dimensional video advertisements should be available in Japan in the summer.

Wow. Now this is something that if it catches on will really encourage the deployment of barcode scanners and applications oriented at the general consumer.