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QLn420 Battery Eliminator Accessory Now Available

Zebra is pleased to announce that the QLn420® Battery Eliminator accessory is now available.

The Battery Eliminator is a powerful accessory designed for use in manufacturing and warehouse/distribution center applications where the QLn420 printer is mounted on a forklift or similar vehicle. It has a DC transfer pack that plugs into the battery compartment of the printer, replacing the battery and enabling the printer to draw power from the forklift's power source.

End users should use the QLn420 Battery Eliminator accessory (P/N P1050667-040) for fixed forklift mount applications where the printer battery is not needed. The Battery Eliminator accepts a voltage range of 12 VDC to 48 VDC to meet all the major forklift battery voltages.

The QLn420 Battery Eliminator can be used with one of the following QLn420 mounting accessories for fixed mounting the printer to a forklift:

Please note that firmware version V68.19.4Z or later is required in the QLn420 to support the new battery eliminator.