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Is RFID Catching On?

Bob Evans over at Information Week has an article that says it all:

But I think the adoption of RFID technologies has within the past few months reached such a critical mass across an amazingly diverse range of applications that we're about to dispel once and for all these X-Files scenarios and begin to see indisputable evidence of the power of RFID and related technologies. And even more important than the adoption of the technologies is the equally rapid uptake in understanding by business executives of the breakthrough business value that can be generated when RFID systems are used to enhance visibility, optimize supply chains, reduce latency, and eliminate paperwork and outdated and irrelevant processes.


We agree, and are reminded of the early days of barcode data collection. The equipment was expensive, and out of the box perfomance didn't make the technology "plug-and-play". RFID is a comer technology folks, its only a matter of time. And its looking like sooner rather than later.