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Datalogic Lynx PDA Now Available with HSPA+(3G/4G) Radios

Datalogic has announced the availability of the new Lynx PDA HSPA+ (3G/4G) configurations for complete connectivity in any application.

The Lynx is now wide-area capable, mounting an HSPA+ module (considered 4G on AT&T's network), the latest technology for broadband communication. HSPA+ provides optimal network coverage with one radio covering 5 different bands, usable worldwide. Additionally, the form factor does not change at all from the Wi-Fi models other than a high capacity battery comes standard (no external stub antenna).

The A-GPS receiver uses the latest technology to help with route planning and proof-of-delivery. The GPS OneXTRA Assistance technology by Qualcomm allows the use of instantaneous location-based services with dramatically reduced time to first fix (TTFF).

Please remember that the Lynx PDA HSPA+ models come out-of-the-box with a high capacity battery @3600 mAh, a micro USB cable for data transfer and a direct power supply with all the regional plugs. No other accessories are required to have a fully working data collection device!

The Lynx PDA has obtained regulatory approvals for the following countries in its initial release:

AT&T cellular network certification is in progress with expected completion by the end of May.

For assistance finding the right Lynx configuration for your application, contact us at National Barcode.