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Been off for a few days...

We've been very busy here the last week or so...expanding the web site and negotiating contracts with new vendors to offer you the widest selection of Barcode, POS and RFID equipment. That's right, RFID equipment. We should have everything in place to start offering printers and readers in the beginning of the year.

We're also getting set to notify you here of new product introductions as they become available. This means getting demo units of the products before they're released so we can offer you advice and an opinion of how the "new" stuff stacks up to the old. We always have your budget in mind here, and consistently offer the best products for the best price.

Finally, we've been spending a lot of time working on launching a store to sell our popular hand scanners. Information will go out about this when its finished both here and in our newsletter, but the bottom line is that web ordering pricing is going to be "bottom line" and we think you'll be happy with the results. This feature is specifically targeted to our more sophisticated users, who know what they want and how to use it.