Using the Linden Script Language (LSL)

Linden Script Language (LSL)

The world of coding is quite complicated. There are actually many different kinds of coding out there and those different types are used for differing purposes. For instance, video game coding differs from other software coding. In this sea of coding, there is Linden Script Language, also known as LSL. LSL is a special kind of coding used by the people who reside in Second Life, a virtual world that was originally created by Linden Lab. LSL is used to control the actions or behaviors of objects inside that virtual world which is why few have real experience with it. Here are some links to pages with information about using Linden Script Language. These links include tutorials, FAQs, use, debugging tips, and more.



Errors & Hacks

Known Bugs & Debugging Tips

  • LSL Scripting Notes: Has notes for using LSL including information about possible bugs.
  • LSL Debugging Tool: A tool that explains how to debug Linden Scripting Language.
  • OpenSim Bugs: Discusses common bugs that are being encountered in certain programs when using Linden Scripting Language coding.
  • LSL Program Guide: A guide that shows how to do certain things with LSL coding with explanation about certain debugging tips.
  • LSL Debugging: A list of links to other pages with information about LSL bugs and debugging.

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