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Reducing Frustration with Laser Barcode Scanners

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What type of barcode are you scanning?

A laser barcode scanner is the most common type of barcode scanner found in many businesses across the globe. This type of scanner is a higher end model than typical LED scanners. The reason many businesses utilize a barcode scanner is due to its ability to scan barcodes from a greater distance without actually needing to come in contact with the barcode.

Why Choose a Laser Scanner?

A scanner that utilizes laser technology is typically handheld and is useful for scanning large items that would be difficult to slide across a typical countertop scanner. The laser scanner is mobile so it can remotely track the barcode and it will register complete product information at a Point of Sale (POS) workstation.

Many businesses will also use a laser barcode scanner to assist in inventory issues due to its lightweight and portable design.

A laser barcode scanner relies on simple point-and-shoot principles that decode the barcode to report the sale, compute the taxes owed and ultimately track the availability of a product. When used in conjunction with POS software a laser scanner can play a role in automated ordering of popular merchandise.

How do Laser Barcode Scanners Work?

The primary explanation for how a laser barcode scanner works is that a photodiode detects existing light and converts that light to an electric signal which is then amplified for decoding. While there is significant technical data, it may simply be important to realize that the barcode scanners are capable of managing multiple scanning functions in your business. The laser used in this application is low energy and is focused through a specified lens for ease of use and safety.

If your business has been considering the purchase of a laser barcode scanner, the information you’ve just read may assist you in making the determination if it is the correct application for your ongoing growth requirements in the arena of technology and increased customer satisfaction.

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