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How to Choose a Handheld Barcode Scanner

Going with a handheld barcode scanner is a good choice. This is especially true when you will be scanning items that are large or cannot be placed easily in front of a stationary scanner. A handheld barcode scanner gives you more freedom and allows you to scan a larger variety of items. However, you do have more choices to consider even after deciding to go with a handheld.

One thing you need to decide is what type of light source you want to use. Barcode scanners use light to read the barcode labels. Your handheld barcode scanner may be a CCD scanner, laser scanner, imager scanner, or a 2D imaging scanner. The most popular types are the CCD and laser scanners.

The Laser scanner will give you the ability to read barcode labels at a greater distance the CCD scanner. However, the CCD scanner will cost you less money than the laser handheld barcode scanner. Unless you have special needs such as the need to read 2 dimensional barcode labels, than you probably will not need the 2D imaging scanner.

Another item of consideration is how the handheld barcode scanner is going to connect to your computer. There are a number of connectors that are available. You can even purchase wireless handheld barcode scanners. Your other choices are commonly the USB connector and the PS/2 connector. The USB connects to your computer’s USB port. The PS/2 connector connects to your computer and your keyboard with a Y type connection.

When deciding on which handheld barcode scanner is the best match for you take into consideration the above items. In addition, you will also want to consider cost and convenience. Finding a handheld barcode scanner is easy to do on the internet, but you must also be a little more cautious.