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Guide to Steganography


One of the oldest ways to keep a secret or transport a private message is something called steganography, which is the art of writing or encoding a hidden message so that nobody is able to translate it, except the sender and the one who receives the message. This means that people can use steganography to send messages without having to worry that someone else is able to translate them. In the early days, the writing of hidden messages was done on paper only, but in the digital age, people are using steganography and watermarks to hide messages in all kinds of computer files, like recordings or images.

Steganography Information


  • What Is A Watermark: This webpage provides a great technical description of what a watermark is as well as explanations about its uses
  • How To Create and Use Watermark: A list of articles that show you how to do watermarking for different purposes
  • Visible And Invisible Watermarks: This page gives information about the differences between visible and invisible watermarks, and how they are used
  • Digital Watermarks: Discussion about what a digital watermark is, and how it is different from a conventional watermark


  • Steganalysis: This page contains information about the definition and purposes of steganalysis
  • Detecting The Invisible: This page discusses how steganalysis is specifically used in real life
  • Steganalysis Methods: This page goes into detail about the different types of steganalysis that are used
  • Symbol Scanners: Modern symbol scanners are meant to detect slight variances in symbols and characters.
  • Steganography and Steganalysis: This page shows how steganalysis is used to counteract stenography techniques


  • Stenography Tools: This page contains a list of some of today’s most popular software programs that allow you to use stenography to protect your files
  • Stenography Software: This page lists many of the software programs that enable you to use stenography specifically on image files
  • DataMark Tech: This is a link to DataMark Tech, a company that provides software that lets you do watermarking digitally
  • Hide 4PGP: This is a link to free software programs that allow you to use stenography to hide data within BMP, WAV, and VOC files
  • Winwatermark: This is another popular program that enables you to add text or image watermarks to your photos