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Computing Resources: Beginner’s Guide to MOOing

Beginner’s Guide to MOOing

A MOO (MUD Object Oriented or Multi-User Domain Object Oriented) is a text based virtual reality system stored on computers with Internet access. MOOs allow users to engage and interact with each other at the same time. To communicate with others in the same room you type in the command line: say [your message]. To communicate with others that are not in the same room you would use: page [character name] [your message]. To move to a different a room you have several options such as, @go [room name] or @join [character name]. MOO is versatile and can be used for text-based gaming, group conferences, and is programmable. Since MOO is on a visible network, a computer is more accessible to hackers and attacks.

The Purpose of MOOs: Explains the principle of MOO and defines common terms.

MOO Tools: A list of common tools.

Don’t be Cowed by the MOO: A great resource uses your current knowledge of everyday life to help make MOO less scary.

Schmooze: Basic MOO commands with description and meanings.

MOOniversity Lite: A guide to get started in the MOO program.

The Cow Ate My Brain: A guide to MOO just for the novice.

AlaMOO: A user guide for becoming familiar with MOO’s interface.

User’s guide: Encore MOO complete user’s guide.

Basic MOO Commands: A list of central character, communication, navigation, and object creation commands.

Beginner’s Guide to MOOing: This guide gives you the basics to get you up and MOOing.

Frankenstein MOO Project: A project designed by Ron Broglio and Eric Sonstroem provides an introduction and a guide to getting started with MOO.

MOO- Cows: Frequent questions about MOO answered here.

MOO Bots: If you’re use using IM or IRC this article explores the differences of the two with MOO. It gives insight into MOO bots.

Know Thy MOO: 10 MOO commandments to get you familiar with the MOO program.

MOO Beginner’s Guide: Five points of instructions to help beginners with basic actions in MOO.