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Electrical and Electronic Information

Electricity Explained for Kids - A brief history of the advent of electricity and its key contributing researchers. A molecular explanation of electricity is also given.

Energy Information Center - A list of links to reports, forecasts, and analysis on the United States energy consumption. The site includes information on electric power plants, demand, sources, and generation of electricity.

How Electricity Works - Several pages on the use, production, and science of electricity including some instruction videos.

Simple Explanation of Electricity - A basic introduction to the world of electricity from WebLearning and The

Cicuit Theory - A guide to basic circuit analysis, signal flow theory, and AC circuits. Covers topics like Ohm's Law, Kirchoff's Laws, and Norton's Theorem.

Begining Electricity - A simple online tutorial for basic electronics and electrical theory. This guide is based on a semester introduction college course on electricity.

Gravatational Electric Theory - A theory that explains gravity as a function of electrical and magnetic fields. For those with more advanced knowledge of electricity and electrical systems.

Basic Laws of Electricity and Electrical Theory - Includes information on circuit analysis, voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance. Data provided covers AC and DC currents.

Electric Circuit Theory - A one semester text book on the basics of electrical systems and their circuits.

Electronic Industries Alliance - A list of associations and organizations dedicated to the advancement of electronics.

Electronics on

Sony Home Page - Site for Sony consumer electronics such as the Viao, Blu-ray electronics, and gaming form the PS3 system.

All Electronics - Find all of your circuit and electronics needs from power supplies to soldering guns.

Introduction to Electronics - Provides information on DC and AC systems, semi-conductor theory, as well as a store for electronics purchases.

Electronics Help Links - A large list of links to tutorials, guides, and information on electronics and electrical theory.

Circuit Symbols - A guide to interpreting the symbols used in circuit diagrams.

Hardware Components - A list of links and resources for electrical circuits and electronics.

Diagrams - How to use schematic diagrams.

A list of diagrams for amateurs and professionals alike.

Electronic Schematics - Electronics kits, tools, and information.