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Complete Guide to Computing

Guide to Computing

Computers have revolutionized nearly every part of life and every industry, both public and private. As computing technology continues to advance, it demands demand an insreased level of computer acuman on the part of the constituency. Below is a resource of information on different aspects of computer industry and the state of the discipline.

The Computer Industry

The computer industry is a customary term used to characterize the range of businesses involved with producing of computer hardware, software, and networking of the infrastructures. The computer industry has existed through much of history. Electronic computers were developed during the time period of 1940-1945. There are many products that have developed from the computer industry such as video games, cell phones, airplanes and more.

Computer Industry – An article on the revolution of the computer industry.

Comp TIA Advancing the Global IT Industry – A nonprofit organization that supports and has led the global IT program agenda through education, research, and networking.

Computer & Communications Industry Association – Information on a variety of companies in the computer industry promoting open markets, open systems, open markets, and open competition.

How Did the Internet Start – Information on how the internet was developed and the progression it has taken over the years.

4 Industry Pioneers Honored at the Computer History Museum’s Fellow Awards Dinner & Ceremony – An article on The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Focusing on the computer artifacts that started the computer industry.

Computer Industry – Information on how the computer industry were born in 1946 and used in World War II.

British Computer Industry: Postwar Government Policy – An article describing the policies of later British governments about computer technology.

History of Computing

Learning the history of computers can be challenging because of how the complexity of computers have increased drastically in recent years. There have been many computer innovations in areas such as the speed and the different types of computers built. Computers have been brought into many industries such as telephone, automobiles, and cameras. This development has produced a huge industry for computer hardware.

The Modern History of Computing – A timeline exploring the history of how computing began. Each year has descriptions and illustrations of the progress.

History of Computing – Learn about the past generations of computing. Information on how we used a vacuum tube, a transistor, and a microchip in computing.

Columbia University Computing History – A chronological view of computing at Columbia University.

American University Computing History Museum – A website that promotes and supports the teaching of the history of computers.

History and Computing – An article explaining the revolution of history and computing that has provided new avenues of research through time.

Early History of Computing – An article explaining in detail where the history of computing came from and the ideas behind it.

A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation – Information on how the study of computer generated imagery has developed and become an important part of the educational process.

Computer History Images – Images of computers over the years.

Organized Intelligence – A visual history of the media and computing over the years.

History of Computing – An index of facts on the history of computing.

Computer History – A resource on the history of computing. A guide on what kind of computing still exist from the beginning.

Outline History of Computing – The important people who helped create the computer industry.

Computers and Education

A computer serves as an excellent tool for teaching. With having access to the internet, you can gather information for classroom projects. It can serve as a communication tool between the student and teacher outside of the classroom. Teachers can produce documents and lesson plans for the classroom.

History, the History of Computers, and the History of Computers in Education – Information on the history of computers in education.

Papers on Computer and Education – A list of resources on condemning computers in the classroom.

The Technology Source Archives – An article on how computer teaching in the classroom has become an effective way to learn.

Engines for Education – Information on computer programs that interact with people. The technology allows us to support the cultivate the initiative of each student.

Computers & Education A research group that studies the teaching of Computer Science and measures pedagogical techniques for teaching.

Using Computers in Nutrition Education An explanation of how computer graphic software can help make better counseling cards and posters for nutrition education.

Computers and Society

Society is changing from year to year. The change in society affects the way we will live in the future. The developments on how we communicate have changed. Going on the Internet has become the new way to communicate. Computers have affected jobs. In the future, many jobs will be replaced by computers. It is cheaper and takes less time for a company to replace order taking and other customer service issues with a computer.

Computers and Society – Information on the effects technology is taking on society.

How Computers Are Changing Your Careers – A guide comparing the benefits of human workers versus a computer performing a job.

Impact of Computers in Society – A reference on the impact of using a computer for certain jobs.

Computers and Our Society – An article explaining how everything we do revolves around computers.

Impact of New Computer Systems On Employment– Information dealing with the users, ethical dilemmas, and impact on the society that computers have.

Impact of Computers – Information on the broad effect computers have had on our society.

The Social Impact of the Internet on Our Society – Information on how the Internet has affected the government, commerce, and other institutions now and in the future.

The Impact Of The Computer – An explanation on how tasks are being replaced with computers and the skill and productivity a computer accomplishes.

Society for Computers and Law – An organization for legal professionals practicing in the IT sector keeping you up to date with the constant change of technology.

Academic Journal Articles – A list of scientific terms and news articles on computers and society.

Computers and Society Online Articles – A list of articles collected from the New York Times and other sources about the effects of computers on people.

Computer and Information Ethics – An article on applied ethics and information on the effect of computers on society.

Legal Aspects of Computing

There are various legal aspects of computing. The aspect of law includes copyrighting, rules of usage, and special copy protection rules for digital media. There are laws managing trade on taxation, the Internet, consumer protection, and advertising. There are laws and rules on accessing government information. Forms of computer communications may be used in evidence. New methods of surveillance is made possible by computers and may be used by law enforcement.

Legal Aspects of Computer-based Patient Records and Record Systems – Information on computer patient records and how they have a legal play in court.

Legal Aspects of Computer Crime – Information on various types of computer crime.

Computer Crime Legal Resources – A guide on computer crime resources from the United States.

State Electronic Harassment or “Cyberstalking” Laws – The laws in the different states on cyber- stalking.

Computer Crime Laws – A summary of the principles underlying the rules of computer code, followed by a synopsis of laws that have been made.

By-Laws of the Computer Exchange, Inc. – An educational resource that helps connect youth to understand the skills, opportunities, and understanding of the Internet.

By Laws of Computer Using Educators, Inc. – The promotion of growth and development of the computer.

Laws Pertaining to Computer and Electronics Recycling – Learn the federal laws relevant to the laws of recycling computers and electronics.

Policies, Guidelines, and Laws – A guide to laws, policies, and guidelines to computer crime.

Laws of Computer Programming – A list of the laws of computer programing.

Computer Crimes laws- Information on the Law about Computer Crimes – Information on federal legislation has been enacted and covers activities on the Internet, but have not been wrote yet.

Management of Computing and Information System

Internal controls of a business protecting the value of documents, people, technologies, and rules by managing accounts to solve business problems. Management information systems are unique from others because they analyze other information systems engaged in working activities. The term refers to the group information management methods in connection of human choice. Management Information Systems get people the information they need to do their jobs better and faster.

Information Systems – A resource guide on what you can do with a major in computing.

Information Systems Ethics – Information providing knowledge on Information Systems Ethics, on-line information courses and resources, and a forum to discuss computer ethics.

Computer Security Division Computer Resource Center – A resource of publications on computer informational systems.

Department of Management Information Systems – A career guide to Management Information System.

Management Information Systems: What Are Popular Careers in Management Information Systems? Jobs that you can apply for with a career in Management Information Systems.

Computer Systems- Management of Information Systems Manager – A resource of job profiles and educational schools on the career of the computing profession.

The Computing Profession

The Computing Profession – A website helping you find a career in computers with websites for studying and researching.

Code of Ethics – A list of ethics for people in the computing profession.

Journal of Universal Computer Science – A list of different articles on the computer profession.

Management Information Systems Career Brief – An overview on what you need to get started in a career of management information services.

A “Capstone” Corse In Computer Ethics – An article on how to introduce discussions of computer ethics into the classroom.

Personal Computing

Personal computing is having general purpose computer whose capabilities, size, and price make it helpful for people. It’s intention for function is to be performed by an end-user, with no interference of a computer operator. This is in comparison to the batch processing which permitted large mainframe systems to be used by many people at the same time. A personal computer could be one of many things. A laptop, desktop, or a palmtop are just a few examples of what a PC is.

Personal Computing Industry Center – A resource of knowledge , data, thought and networking about the vast changes in the PC industry.

The Personal Computer Radio Show – A radio show that brings you computer news and reviews on hardware and software.

Powered By Computing– An article explaining the different operations a computer profession does other than program.

Secure Computing For Personal Computer Users – A guide on security for personal computer users.

Personal Computing Best Practices & HIPAA Security Requirements – Medical Campus – Information on how to increase personal computer security.

Personal Computing In Europe – Information on how personal computing started in Europe.

Before the Altair- The History of Personal Computing – The development and history of personal computing.

Guide to Buying a New Personal Computer – Information on what you need to know when buying a new computer.

Personal Computing: Laptop as Desktop PC Replacement? – An article that compares the benefits of desktop personal computer to a laptop personal computer.

Reflections on My Personal Computing – Research on programming languages, data structures, and text editors.

The information on computing grows everyday. Keeping up to date with the changes of the industry will benefit you. Day to-day products as well as employers are converting to more technology products.