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Chinese New Year Art and Crafts Activities

Chinese New Year Arts and Crafts Activities

Anybody who has ever witnessed a Chinese New Year celebration would almost certainly agree that it is a bright, fun, yet traditional way of bringing in the New Year. Chinese New Year activities are steeped in tradition. Chinese paper lanterns, New Year paper scrolls and paper cuts are all crafts that are often created during that time of year. While they are easy to make, it is often helpful to know their significance in Chinese New Year festivities.

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns are used to decorate the streets and festival areas during Chinese New Year celebrations. They are very easy to make using just a bit of glue, some colorful paper, and scissors.

1.      Fold a piece of colored paper in half the long way, making a thin rectangle.

2.      Make a row of cuts along the line where the fold is. Don’t cut all the way to the edge, but only part of the way to create a fringe.

3.      Unfold the paper. Use a glue stick to glue the short edges of the paper together.

4.      Cut another strip of paper about half an inch wide. Glue it across one end of the lantern to serve as a handle.

5.      Follow these steps to make a lot of Chinese paper lanterns in different colors!

Chinese Paper Cuts

Although traditional Chinese paper cuts are made of rice paper, you can use any type of paper to make your own cuts. These are hand-made intricate cut paper decorations that are used to provide visually pleasing decorations for festivals like those held on the Chinese New Year. They are placed on windows, doors, mirrors and just about anywhere else they might be seen. Making paper cuts can be a fun way to celebrate the Chinese New Year on your own.

1.      Fold a piece of paper in half, in quarters or more. This ensures that the pattern is even on all sides.

2.      Draw a pattern on it beforehand, so that you know exactly where to cut. This minimizes the risk of messing up and having to start over.

3.      Cut on the lines that you have drawn. Use one hand to hold the scissors and the other to turn the paper. As time moves on, you may not have to draw a pattern on your paper anymore.

4.      Unfold your piece of paper. Place it inside a book or iron if possible to make it nice and smooth and eliminate the lines. From there, use it to decorate wherever you would like to bring a little of the cheer of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Paper Scrolls

Paper scrolls are also a fun part of the Chinese New Year festivities. They are used to send messages and announce the New Year, as well as spread joy and love to others who can see them. They may also contain the Chinese calendar. Chinese paper scrolls are very easy to make and they can say whatever you want them to say!

1.      Cut a length of butcher paper and roll one end around a wooden dowel or paper towel holder.

2.      Attach a string or piece of wire to each end of the dowel or paper towel holder to serve as a hanger.

3.      Look up different Chinese symbols or animals, perhaps the animal sign that you were born under. Paint it on the scroll.

4.      Allow it to dry and hang it up for all to see!