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Best Econometrics Resources

Best Econometrics Resources

Econometrics refers to the use of statistical methods in analyzing economic data and problem solving. As a broad term, it acts as an umbrella term to many sub-fields of economics. In addition to the traditional and familiar principles of economics, such as macro- and microeconomics, econometrics also includes current aspects of the global market. For those interested in any field of econometrics, there are journals, associations, and texts that provide a good introduction to the topic, as well as a more in depth explanation of concepts.

General Economics Resources

Education and Teaching

Methodology and History of Economic Thought

  • Essays and Resources: A collection of links to essays and information on the methodology and history of economics.
  • Great Economists: A historical timeline of economic thought and information about economic theorists.

Mathematical and Quantitative Methods

Economics and Computing

Economics Data



International Economics

Financial Economics

Public Economics

Health and Welfare

Labor and Demographics

Law and Economics

Industrial Organization

Business Economics

Economic History

Development, Technological Change and Growth

  • Inter-American Development Bank: An organization dedicated to supporting growth and development in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has a number of resources in the field of development and growth.
  • USAID: An archived document that explores the drivers of growth, including technological change.

Economic Systems

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Regional Economics

Economics of Networks

  • The Economics of Networks: A survey by Nicholas Economides of the Stern School of Business at New York University.
  • Netnomics: A journal dedicated to business and network economics. Articles can be downloaded from this site.