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Barcode Recognition - Barcode Software and Printing Solutions

Barcodes or UPC symbols are very common. In fact, any product purchased from a grocery store or retail outlet will include a barcode. Thus, when a sales clerk or cashier scans the item, the correct price will appear. For this matter, barcodes serve a very useful purpose. Of course, for the system to function properly, accurate barcode recognition is necessary. Before barcodes are placed on retail items, barcode developers must design unique UPC symbols. Each barcode represents a different brand of products. Thus, unlike products cannot have the same barcode. Creating new barcodes is a continual process. Furthermore, there must be systems in place to assist with barcode recognition.

Once barcode developers create a new barcode, the number and symbol are scanned onto laser paper, and imprinted on the back of product labels. Each grocery chain or manufacturer has its own system for barcode recognition. Before a cash register can recognize a particular code, information about the entire inventory must be included within the memory. On a corporate level, there is a person responsible for keying or recording price information. Thus, if a product is on sale or promotional items are available, the register will automatically notify clerk at checkout.

Of course, glitches can occur within the system, which makes barcode recognition difficult. For example, barcodes can be spaced too far apart or too close. Because of low printing resolution, barcodes may not accurately transfer onto paper. This could also present problems when the barcode is scanned. For the most part, barcode development software is useful. Problems typically arise from printing. Once a barcode has been printed, it helps to carefully inspect the symbol and numbers. Make sure that the printed copy is identical to the original barcode. If necessary, adjust the space between bars. This eliminates potential problems with barcode recognition.