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How to Choose a Barcode Scanner

There are many types to choose from when looking for a bar code scanner. Choosing the best bar code scanner for you will depend on the type of project you are completing, the cost you are willing to pay, and which one is most efficient for your needs.

If you require something simple and low cost, you may want to go with the wand type bar code scanner. These are scanners that pen or wand shaped and must be come in contact with the bar code. They do not allow you the freedom or versatility that other types may provide, but they are lower cost and great for simple tasks.

One of the most common types of bar code scanner is the CCD scanner. These are commonly used by retail stores and use an LED light source to read the bar code labels. This allows them to sit farther away from the object. This type of bar code scanner has a lot of variety including handheld models, stationary models, and trigger models.

Another increasingly common bar code scanner is the laser bar code scanner. This type of scanner can read from farther distances than the other type scanners. They can also read a larger variety of sizes of bar code labels and they some of them can read in any direction. These are higher cost, but it is worth it to many companies.

In addition to the varieties listed above, you can also find a wireless type of barcode scanner. These types allow you to read bar code labels from objects without having to be attached to the base or computer by cord. These scanners include a base from which they communicate much like a cordless phone. The base is responsible for charging the bar code scanner as well as communicating with it.