Advantages of Barcodes

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What are the Advantages of using Barcodes?

In the early days of America, stores were much simpler, and buying items was mostly a manual and slow task. The shopkeeper would ring each item up separately by hand, entering in the prices on a cash register one by one until the total amount of the bill was revealed. Today, stores and other companies have evolved around the fast-paced world by giving consumers a much faster checkout and pricing process. All of this is possible with the use of the barcode. A barcode is an encoding tag or label that is placed on all merchandise that allows computers to track and ring up products much faster and more accurate than if it were to be performed by hand. For every two keystrokes made by a human, a barcode can read one whole product’s information. This is almost 10 times faster than if a person were to enter in the information by hand. In addition, the amount of errors made in a computer system by items with a barcode is significantly less than those made by human error. For approximately every 1,000 keystrokes made by a human being, there are an average of 10 errors. With barcodes, for every 10,000 scans made by an optical scanner, there are an average of only one error. This fact alone is a significant advantage to using barcodes for all products.

Reduce Training Time for Employees

In the world of business, we want to keep our overhead low. Using barcodes can actually reduce the amount of training time needed for employees. A scanner is fairly simple to operate, and automatically does the computation for you. Teaching new employees how to use a scanner is very simple and really should only take a matter of minutes. This is much easier than having to sit down with employees and show them the store’s entire inventory and pricing process that they would have to remember and be accurate each and every time. Another great advantage of barcodes is their cost effectiveness. It really only costs about one penny or so per barcode label. They can easily be printed and added to items in a timely fashion, so that your entire inventory is labeled and tracked immediately. Barcodes can also be printed on just about anything you want to print them on directly: envelopes, mailing packages, etc.

Automatic Identification                                       

It’s easy to see why barcodes are a much more effective and easy method of tracking inventory and pricing products, whether there are a few, a few hundred, or a few thousand. They offer automatic product identification, extremely fast recognition and implementation of data, a very low error rate, are extremely cost effective, and can assist employers with lowering overhead and cutting down on training time and labor. The modern world demands that companies stay ahead of the competition and keep up the pace when it comes to modern technology in business. Using barcodes is a very integral piece of the inventory tracking process that offers up countless benefits to both the company and its customers.