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A Guide to Mathematicians and Their Contributions

Mathematicians and Their Contributions

Mathematicians have been around since the beginning of time. From the first person who first counted days or added items, to those who have had a hand in the creation of new medications and inventions of the newest forms of technology today. They have always been vital to the development of society and their mathematical minds have contributed in all levels of science, philosophical thinking and engineering.

The major roots of mathematics were in the Egypt and Babylonia of old and later made more logical in Greece where it quickly grew. In fact, the word mathematics is from the Greek word ‘mathematika’, which means learning. India was also growing in mathematic discovery and soon some of the works from both areas were translated into Arabic and then Latin. Thus, western mathematics was created and eventually was accepted around the globe.

Great mathematicians began to emerge from that time on, people who devoted much of their lives to this way of thinking and that continued through time.

Isaac Barrow

Biography and Works of Isaac Barrow

Barrow’s Proof of the Fundamental Theorem

Lenore Blum

Biography of Lenore Blum

Lenore Blum’s Homepage

Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace

Biography of Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace

Ada Byron; Founder of Scientific Computing

Susan J. Cunningham

Biography of Susan Jane Cunningham

Rene Descartes

Biography and Timeline of Rene Descartes

Descartes and His Accomplishments

Christian Andreas Doppler

Biography of Christian Doppler

Examining Doppler’s Effect

Agnes Meyer Driscoll

Biography of Agnes Meyer Driscoll

Driscoll’s Work as a Navy Crytanalyst

Albert Einstein

Biography of Albert Einstein

A Look at the Theory of Relativity


Biography of Euclid of Alexandria

A Look at Euclid’s Elements

Leonhard Euler

Biography of Leonhard Euler

Euler’s Mathematical Contributions

Pierre de Fermat

Biograph and Sample Graphs

Fermat and Number Theory

Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier

Biography of Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier

A Look at Fourier and the Theory of Heat

Johann Karl Fredrich Gauss

Biography of Johann Carl Fredrich Gauss

The Gauss Sum

Kurt Godel

Biography of Kurt Godel

Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem

James Gregory

Biography of James Gregory

Gregory and the Pappus-Guldin Theorem

A Look at Gregory’s Life and Contributions

David Hilbert

Biography of David Hilbert

A Look at Hilbert’s Twenty-Three Problems in Mathematics

Christian Huygens

Biography of Christian Huygens

Huygens Horologium Oscillatorium

Joseph Louis Lagrange

Biography of Joseph Louis Lagrange

A Look at Lagrange’s Four-Square Theorem

Adrian Marie Legendre

Biography of Adrien-Marie Legendre

Legendre Polynomials

Colin Maclaurin

Biography of Colin Maclaurin

The Euler-Maclaurin Formula

Sir Isaac Newton

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton

A Look at Newton’s Laws of Motion

Blaise Pascal

Biography of Blaise Pascal

Inventions of Blaise Pascal

Simeon Poisson

Biography of Simeon Poisson

Explanation of Poisson Distribution

Pythagoras of Samos

Biography of Pythagoras

Pythagoras and His Contributions

Bernhard Riemann

Biography of Bernhard Riemann

A Look at Riemann’s Hypothesis