APG Stratis Tablet Holder

APG's Stratis tablet holder is designed for retailers who are installing mobile and/or Thin (Thinbility) Apple iPad based point of sale applications. POS software is moving to tablets and to the cloud for easy accessibility and instant reporting. Designed to allow the retailer to take advantage of the small ft. print tablet, the Stratis tablet holder adds an elegant look to your POS environment.

The APG Stratis Tablet Holder is also known as the APG Cash Drawer Stratis Tablet Holder

Stratis Tablet Holder Options
APG Stratis (VTK-AW0711)
Tablet holder. Color: White.
In Stock: Ships Same Day
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APG Stratis (VTK-BL0711)
Tablet Holder. Color: Black.
Ships in 3-5 Days
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APG Stratis (VRK-BL0711)
POS Tablet Holder. Color: Black.
APG Stratis (VRK-AW0711)
POS Tablet Holder. Color: White.