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APC SYCFXR8 Power Device

APC Accessories - Symmetra PX 40kW Extended Run Battery Frame
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Full specifications (PDF)

APC Power Protection products are designed to protect your computer, data, and on a larger scale, your company.
An Back-UPS Series instantly switches your computer to emergency battery backup power and allows you to work through brief power outages or to shut down your system in the event of an extended outage. High-performance surge suppression protects your computer from electrical noise and damaging power surges - even lightning.

General Information

  • Product Type: Battery Cabinet
  • Brand Name: APC
  • Manufacturer: American Power Conversion Corp
  • Product Name: 21504VAh Extended Run Time UPS Battery Cabinet

Technical Information

  • Battery Type: Valve-regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Hot-swappable
  • Capacity: 21504 VAh
  • Battery Life: 3 Year to 5 Year

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 82"
  • Width: 22"
  • Depth: 34"
  • Weight (Approximate): 2104.42 lb


  • Additional Information:
    • Battery modules connected in parallel
    • InfraStruXure Manager compatible
    • Intelligent battery management
    • Temperature-compensated battery charging
    • User-replaceable batteries
Protect Your Product

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand APC
Model Back-UPS Series

The APC SYCFXR8 is also known as American Power Conversion APC-SYCFXR8 .