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AML M6310LAS-PS0020 Barcode Decoder

AML M6310 - USB Kit with PSC QuickScan Laser. Includes base station, cordless portable, battery, manual, cable & set-up menu.
USB and Wireless Data Collection
The AML M6310 cordless barcode scanning system brings the freedom to roam-and-scan without the high cost of integrated RF scanners. The M6310 consists of an M6300 USB base station and an M6000 portable decoder. An undecoded laser, wand, or CCD scanner (not included) is connected to the M6000, allowing the user to scan barcodes and roam up to 150 feet from the base station. The M6000 transmits scanned barcode data to the M6300 using a radio frequency data link, where it is uploaded to the host computer via a USB connection. Users can roam up to 150 feet from the base station, and purchasing additional M6200 base units expands the wireless area coverage. The base unit connects to the host computer via a Keyboard wedge interface.
Brand AML
Model M6310

The AML M6310LAS-PS0020 is also known as American Microsystems M6310LAS-PS0020 or M6310LASPS0020 .