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AML M5000-WND-OPV906 Mobile Handheld Computer

AML M5000 - Kit with Option 6 MIL VR Wand 9 pin. Includes terminal, batteries, manual, serial cable, Application software, & Softcom software.

Full specifications (PDF)

Portable Data Collection - Just add a Scanner
Versatile and easy to use, the AML M5000 portable batch terminal allows you to select the most suitable input device for your application, whether it's a wand, CCD, or laser scanner. Add any barcode scanner to achieve true portable data collection. Additionally, the M5000 functions as either a portable terminal or an in-line Keyboard wedge (non-portable) for dual functionality. Once your data has been collected, you can send the data to the PC either as an ASCII file via the serial port, or you can use SoftCom to convert it to keyboard data directly into your application. The M5000 can also connect directly with a modem for remote data transfer.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand AML
Model M5000
Operating System Proprietary
RAM Memory 256 KB
Data Collection Type Batch

The AML M5000-WND-OPV906 is also known as American Microsystems M5000-WND-OPV906 or M5000WNDOPV906 .