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AML M2500WND-OPV506 Barcode Decoder

AML M2500 - Decoder, with Opticon 6 MIL VR Wand 5 pin

Full specifications (PDF)

Decode Three Types of Devices at the Same Time!
The M2500 serial decoder is one of AML's most popular and versatile decoders. The reader installs quickly between the keyboard and personal computer. Data is sent to the PC through the serial port. The reader accepts a wide variety of devices: lasers, CCDs, wands, slot readers, mag stripe readers and RS-232 serial input devices. Up to four different input devices can be connected at the same time, maximizing the versatility of the scanning system. The AML M2500 can be tailored to individual applications by scanning barcodes from the setup menu. Includes decoder, serial cable, manual, and set up menu. Available connections are 9-pin male 'D' for laser/CCD scanners, 5-pin DIN for wands and 8-pin DIN for magnetic stripe readers.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand AML
Model M2500

The AML M2500WND-OPV506 is also known as American Microsystems M2500WND-OPV506 or M2500WNDOPV506 .