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AML M1000-WND-OPV504 Barcode Decoder

AML M1000 - Keyboard wedge decoder kit with Opticon 4MIL wand. Includes decoder, keyboard cable, manual & set-up menu.
Decode wand and badge/slot barcode reader data

The AML M1000 Wand/Badge Decoder is a powerful keyboard interface unit capable of reading all standard barcode symbologies in use today. The unit sends barcode data to the PC through the keyboard interface. This data appears as if typed from the keyboard, allowing you to add barcode capability to existing applications without any software changes. The M1000 is fast and accurate even on poorly printed barcodes. Includes decoder, keyboard cable, manual, and set up menu. Requires undecoded wand or badge/slot reader (not included) with 5-pin DIN connector.

Full specifications (PDF)


The AML M1000-WND-OPV504 is also known as American Microsystems M1000-WND-OPV504 or M1000WNDOPV504 .