AML M6200 Decoder

The AML M6200 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Collects Wireless Data & Enters Into Host Computer

The AML M6200 is an integral part of the M6210 cordless barcode scanning system. The M6200 collects wirelessly transmitted decoded data from the M6000 wireless decoder (not included) and enters it into the host computer. Each M6200 base unit can support up to 10 M6000 wireless decoders, making retail and small warehouse inventory checks fast and easy. The M6200 connects to the host computer via the included Keyboard wedge cable.

The AML M6200 is also known as the American Microsystems M6200

M6200 Options
AML M6200 (M6200-0000)
Base station with Keyboard wedge interface
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