AML M6000 Decoder

The AML M6000 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Add Wireless Connectivity to any Barcode Scanner

The AML M6000 wireless barcode decoder is ideal for retail, warehouse or light industrial applications where wireless connections speed processing and service. Simply attach any undecoded scanner to the M6000's serial port and begin scanning. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the required AML M6200 host unit which is connected to a computer. The M6000 has superior range, up to 150 feet, providing users with a wireless link to an IBM compatible PC. Every valid scan is confirmed with an audible beep. The M6000 automatically turns off power after a few minutes, so batteries are not wasted or accidentally discharged. The AML M6000 requires the use of the AML M6200 which is available separately.

The AML M6000 is also known as the American Microsystems M6000

M6000 Options
AML M6000 (M6000-LAS-PS0020)
Portable decoder Kit with PSC QuickScan Laser. No base station (see M6200 or M6300).
AML M6000 (M6000-0000)
Portable decoder. No input device, no base station (see M6200 or M6300).
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