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AML M100 Decoder

The AML M100 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Decode magnetic stripe data

The AML M100 magnetic stripe data decoder is a powerful keyboard interface unit that reads bank cards, credit cards or other magnetic stripe data. The unit receives undecoded data from a magnetic stripe reader, decodes it and sends the data to the personal computer through the keyboard interface. Data appears as if typed from the keyboard, allowing you to add magnetic stripe capabilities to your existing applications without any software changes. The AML M100 includes decoder, keyboard cable, and manual. Requires magnetic stripe reader (not included) with 8-pin DIN connector.

The AML M100 is also known as the American Microsystems M100

M100 Options
AML M100 (M0100MSR-MT0002)
Keyboard wedge decoder kit with Track 2 MSR. Includes decoder, keyboard cable & manual.
AML M100 (CCD-AM100)
Short range CCD scanner, decoded. Includes decoder, keyboard cable & manual.
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