AML LDX10 Mobile Computer

Batch Handheld Computer AML LDX10 - The LDX10 is the next generation of handheld computers from AML. Like all AML products, the LDX10 is engineered, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A. It is specifically targeted at light-duty commercial applications where acquisition cost is a driving factor when selecting a data collection device. It comes not only with an affordable price tag, but a collection of pre-loaded software applications called DC Suite which are designed specifically for common, everyday barcode data collection tasks. Most users will be able to simply charge the battery, select the DC Suite application that fits their needs, and go to work.
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AML LDX10 Mobile Computer Options

  • AML LDX10-0003-00 Mobile Computer
    AML LDX10-0003-00 Mobile Computer
    Batch, Mobile Computer, AML LDX10, CCD Scanner, Pre-loaded AML DC Suite Data Collection Software, 3200 MAH Battery, 24-key Alpha-Numeric Keypad, Includes USB cable and Wall Charger, Charging cradle sold separately.
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  • AML LDX10-0006-00 Mobile Computer
    AML LDX10-0006-00 Mobile Computer
    LDX10 HAndheld Computer, 2D Imager, DC SUITE SW, 3,200 MAH Battery, 24-Key AlphaNumeric Keyboard. Includes wall charger. Interface Cables And Charging Cradle Sold Separately.
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  • AML LDX10-0006-41 Mobile Computer
    AML LDX10-0006-41 Mobile Computer
    Portable Data Terminals, AML, LDX10 Handheld Computer, 2D Imager, DC Suite SW, 3, 200 mAh Battery, 24-Key Alphanumeric Keyboard
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