Altronix ALTV248300WP Power Supply

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Model ALTV248300UL provides 24 VAC or 28 VAC distributed via eight (8) fuse protected outputs.

The Altronix ALTV248300WP Power Supply is also known as the Altronix ALTV248300WP Power Supply

ALTV248300WP Power Supply Options
Altronix ALTV248300UL Power supply (ALTV248300UL)
24 VAC or 28 VAC selectable output, 12.5 amp at 24 VAC (300VA) or 10 amp at 28 VAC (280VA) supply current, Eight (8) fuse protected outputs, Output fuses are rated at 3.5 amp, 115 VAC 50/60Hz, 2.7 amp input
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Altronix ALTV248300UL Power supply (ALTV248300UL3)
ALTV248300UL UL/CUL Listed CCTV AC Wall Mount 8 Output Power supply (8 Fused Outputs, 3 Wireline and UL Listed)
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Altronix ALTV248300WP Power supply (ALTV248300WP)
8 Fused Outputs, 24V Outdoor at 14 AMP or 28V Outdoor at 12.5 AMP, UL/CUL listed