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Alien ALR-9800-DEVC RFID Reader

Alien ALR-9800 - 915 MHz, Intelligent fixed reader development kit, C1G2 with 2 Antennas.
High performance solution for 2 to 4 antenna applications

The ALR9800 is designed for scalable, streamlined, easy-to-manage data collection with a low total cost-of-ownership across any number of installed units. Implementation costs are kept low through the reader's simplified configuration and through its integrated industrial-class general purpose I/O capability that eliminates the need for costly external programmable logic controllers. Powerful remote monitoring and management functionality, including SNMP support, reduces ongoing costs of ownership while a ruggedized physical design ensures reliable, low-maintenance operation in demanding environments. The ALR9800 combines high sensitivity with low cost through its advanced "multistatic" antenna design, whereby each antenna transmits and receives in turn. This enables the ALR9800 to deliver exceptional conveyor and dock door results using only half the number of antennas required by most other readers. The ALR9800 is compliant with the Gen 2 specification for Single, Dense and Multiple Reader modes. Dense Reader mode enables the reader to make efficient use of the available RF spectrum when large numbers of readers operate in the same space. The ALR9800 also employs a broadband listen-before-talk capability to avoid interference with close proximity readers, and leverages its general purpose I/O capability to reduce the on-time of each reader and thus enable larger numbers to co-exist in the same facility.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Alien
Model ALR9800
Style Fixed
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The Alien ALR-9800-DEVC is also known as Alien Technology ALN-ALR-9800-DEVC or ALR9800DEVC .