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The Squiggle family of tags is one of the industry"s most respected and provides Trusted Performanceâ„¢ to broad-range of applications. We also specialize in retail/apparel, item-level tagging, transportation, life sciences, special form-factors and...

$0.90 to $4,146.70

Alien G-Tag RFID Inlay

Alien G-Tag

The Alien Technology "G" delivers ultra-high, "best-of-breed" performance. It is especially well-suited for challenging materials with high-dielectric properties, such as plastic and glass (hence the "G" nickname).


Alien Wonder Dog Inlay RFID Inlay

Alien Wonder Dog Inlay

The Alien Technology ALN-9768 "Wonder Dog" is a multi-faceted UHF RFID inlay suitable for many uses. While useful in many general purpose applications, it is particularly effective when used close to metals, liquids and glass. It also performs well...