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Aldelo POS Software

Aldelo is one of the leading restaurant software providers in North America. Its software is used in over 20,000 installations worldwide.
Aldelo For Restaurants: Pro Edition POS Software

Aldelo For Restaurants: Pro Edition

Aldelo for Restaurants Pro is a low-cost, feature-rich, and easy-to-use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants. It is used in over 75,000 installations around the world. Its feature set supports any type...

Aldelo For Restaurants: Lite Edition POS Software

Aldelo For Restaurants: Lite Edition

Aldelo for Restaurants Lite is a smarter cash register replacement for Take Out and Delivery Restaurants. It is ideal for restaurants that only need the ability to create, modify, and settle orders.

Standard features include easy order taking and...

Aldelo Restaurant Software POS Software

Aldelo Restaurant Software

Software for performing various restaurant functions, including kitchen display, gift card processing, payment processing, security restrictions and more.

$355.50 to $719.10

Aldelo Aldelo for Restaurants: Wireless POS Software

Aldelo Aldelo for Restaurants: Wireless

Aldelo Aldelo for Restaurants: Wireless enables wait staff to place orders anywhere in the restaurant using wireless handheld PDA devices.

Aldelo Fingerprint Server POS Software

Aldelo Fingerprint Server

Aldelo Fingerprint Server software is a great biometric authentication add-on for Aldelo For Restaurants Pro and Lite editions. Our fingerprint security works with Digital Persona 4000B/4500B scanners, enabling your staff to perform quick logons...

$355.50 to $535.50

Aldelo Kitchen Display Server POS Software

Aldelo Kitchen Display Server

Aldelo Kitchen Display Server software allows your POS terminals to submit orders to your kitchen, in real time, for faster production. With Aldelo Kitchen Display Server, your cooks will no longer be frustrated by slow kitchen printers or lost...


Aldelo Liquor Controller POS Software

Aldelo Liquor Controller

Aldelo Liquor Controller is the key to eliminate unauthorized liquor pours and maximize liquor accountability for bars and taverns.

Aldelo Financial Integrator POS Software

Aldelo Financial Integrator

Aldelo Financial Integrator helps managers save time and prevent mistakes by providing fully integrated accounting data transfer from Aldelo For Restaurants into QuickBooks hands free.

$535.50 to $799.00

Aldelo Gift Card Server POS Software

Aldelo Gift Card Server

Aldelo Gift Card Server is the perfect choice to centrally manage gift cards for all your restaurant locations. Our central gift card server integrates seamlessly with Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition, allowing your staff to issue, redeem, and...

Aldelo Parts

Products and parts from Aldelo.

Aldelo Interactive API

Aldelo Interactive API

Aldelo interactive API is required for 3rd party software to integrate with Aldelo point-of-sale software. Aldelo API will be required per site in order for this to happen. Made for integrations such as online ordering, reservations, scheduling,...

Aldelo Media Display Software

Aldelo Media Display Software

Pole Display provides convenient order confirmation for customers at quick service and fast casual restaurants. Unfortunately, the 2 by 20 character capacity on the traditional customer pole display limits available information and usefulness....


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