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AirTrack M-COL-20Z2FT

AirTrack Mobile Specimen Labels - Health care, Mobile Specimen Labels, 2" x 2", Footer Labels, 3/4" Core, 190 labels/roll, 12 Rolls per Box.
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Specimen labels are used to identify and track specimens that will be forwarded to a health care laboratory for testing. Specimen labeling is critical in the testing process. A correctly labeled specimen will be accepted by laboratories for proper testing. However, an incorrectly labeled specimen will require the laboratory to proceed with testing until further clarification can be provided. Specimen labels have standard requirements that include providing at least two patient identifiers (date of birth, social security number, etc.) in order to prevent misidentification, writing with indelible ink to prevent information from fading or being erased, legibly printing specimen information to prevent patient identifiers from being illegible and using materials that are built to last in the harshest environments.
Brand AirTrack
Model Mobile Specimen Labels
Type Mobile Specimen
Application healthcare

The AirTrack M-COL-20Z2FT is also known as Air Track M-COL-20Z2FT or MCOL20Z2FT .