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Aiphone Security Products

Aiphone products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security and communication systems. Aiphone products are unrivaled in design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability. With over 25 standard systems, and additional manufacturing by special order, Aiphone can create a system for virtually any intercom application.
Aiphone AX-8MV

Aiphone AX-8MV

The AX-8MV is an audio video master station for the AX series. The unit is CAT-5e homerun wired to it's CEU and features a 3 -1/2" TFT monitor, an oversized TALK button to activate the VOX or PTT style mmunication, door call-in indicator, call...

Aiphone AX-DVF

Aiphone AX-DVF

The AX-DVF is a vandal resistant, flush mount door station used with the AX open voice, color video entry series. The unit is connected using CAT-5e cable and comes complete with mounting box to ease installation. The AX-DVF faceplate is stainless...

Aiphone C-ML/A

Aiphone C-ML/A

The C-ML/A is the master station for the C-123L/A including DAK-2S.

Aiphone VC-K

Aiphone VC-K

Handset for the VC-M series

Aiphone Parts

Products and parts from Aiphone.

Aiphone TouchScreen Series Surveillance Camera System

Aiphone TouchScreen Series

The Aiphone TouchScreen Series features a large 7-inch touchscreen monitor for clear visitor identification and easy operation control. The TouchScreen Series can be installed at 4 door locations and connected to 8 inside locations with internal...

Aiphone IXGW-GW Wireless Switch

Aiphone IXGW-GW

The Aiphone IXGW-GW is a Gateway Adapter for the IXG Series IP multi-tenant system. The Aiphone IXGW-GW allows the system to be programmed to call cloud-based mobile apps, giving users the ability to answer calls from visitors remotely and release...

Aiphone JA-DAC - Discontinued.

Aiphone GF-202HB - Discontinued.

Aiphone LEF-10 - Discontinued.

Aiphone AX-248C - Discontinued.

Aiphone AX-DVP - Discontinued.

Aiphone JAS-2MCD - Discontinued.

Aiphone MK-1GD - Discontinued.

Aiphone MK-DVF - Discontinued.

Aiphone MYH-CU - Discontinued.

Aiphone MYW-BA - Discontinued.

Aiphone VC4M - Discontinued.

Aiphone VCH-8 - Discontinued.

Aiphone MK-DAC - Discontinued. Replaced by the Aiphone JA-DAC

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