3M Touch Systems C2234SW Touchscreen

Reliability, and ease of integration

The 22-inch 3M-MicroTouch C2234SW is a robust metal chassis display using industry-standard surface capacitive touch technology which provides a durable, optically-enhanced, and engaging large form factor display for use in industrial automation equipment and kiosk enclosures. The C2234SW display offers multiple mounting options to make integration easy. A remote on-screen display module helps simplify any changes to the display image during installation or system maintenance.

The 3M Touch Systems C2234SW is also known as the 3M MicroTouch C2234SW

C2234SW Options
3M Touch Systems C2234SW (98-0003-3598-8)
No bezel, RS-232 Serial + USB, 22" capacitive touchscreen TFT, 1680x1050 max resolution, 1000: 1 contrast ratio