3D Systems Sense 3D Scanner

Capture your world in 3D

The Sense is fully integrated with the Cube 3D Printer, which means you can scan an object and then hold it in the palm of your hand in a seamless workflow. Use the Sense's touchscreen editing capabilities to enhance the color, design, shape, and size of your images and create perfect replicas. Modify your images to make something new. Sculpt your own personalized chess pieces using family and friends as models, recreate a favorite vase, or change the features of an existing object and print your own customized masterpiece.

The 3D Systems Sense is also known as the 3 D Systems Sense

Sense Options
3D Systems Sense Pack Design (391510)
Includes Sense Scanner, Cubify Design.
3D Systems Sense Pack Sculpt (391500)
Includes Sense Scanner, Cubify Sculpt.
3D Systems Sense (391230)
3D Scanner