Psion Teklogix Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer

The Psion Teklogix Omnii XT15 has been renamed to the Motorola PSION Omnii XT15.

The Ultimate Handheld for Supply Chain Logistics

The Psion-Teklogix Omnii XT15 is uniquely adaptive by design - combining extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver the flexibility you require to adapt as your business needs change. As the next evolution of the Omnii platform, the Omnii XT15 takes the best features of the Omnii XT10 and adds new functionality to create a device that gives mobile workers the greatest access to business applications - anytime, anywhere. With its certified IP67 rating, the Omnii XT15 is also the most rugged handheld device Psion-Teklogix has ever made - delivering reliable performance and unparalleled adaptability for the most demanding of environments and applications.

The Psion Teklogix Omnii XT15 is also known as the Psion Omnii XT15

Omnii XT15 Options
Psion-Teklogix Omnii XT15 (OB121120100A1102)
MCE 6.0 59K ABC/NUM 6FN 1D with STYLUS
Psion-Teklogix Omnii XT15 (OB02110010011104)
Protect Your Product
Psion-Teklogix PSION Omnii XT15f (OE431120C00A1121)
XT15 ARCTIC, 512MB SDRAM/1GB FLASH ROM, CE 6.0, ENGLISH, TEKTERM, 58 key FRZR RETRO ALPHA NUM TEL 6FN, 802.11a/b/g/N, Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR, 1D AR-SE1524ER, FRZR 5300 mAh
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