MagTek MagneSafe m20 Card Reader

Enables standard 3-track magstripe card reading

The MagTek MagneSafe m20 is a secure reader that offers faster mobile transactions. It leverages the card swipe to capture data and facilitates lower transaction fees by eexecuting an electronic transaction with card present. Ideal for payments where cable or wireless connections are not accessible, the MagneSafe m20 makes secure card transactions available to any retail application, regardless of where it is conducted.

The MagTek MagneSafe m20 is also known as the Mag-Tek MagneSafe m20

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MagneSafe m20 Options
MagTek MagneSafe m20 (21073034)
Three-track reading and USB interface. See accessories for cable. This is considered a custom item: Purchasers must supply encryption. 50 unit minimum purchase, $15 encryption fee per unit. Please Call for more information.
Recommended Accessories
MagTek (21051518)
USB-A to USB-Mini-B, 750 mm Cable, Black
Ships in 1-2 Days
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